8 Useful Tips to Optimize a Twitter Business or Brand Profile

When it comes to social media, the brand name of Twitter is sure to pop up in your mind as a Twitter business page. And why should it not? As of today, there are over 303 million users posting around 330,000 tweets every minute.

That’s a massive number of engaged audience posting their ideas, complaints and searching for a solution for their problems. This presents a myriad of opportunities for businesses to reach out to potential customers as well as existing customers and ensure their brand’s name stays in their thoughts whenever they need to avail their products or services.

A lot of businesses are already successfully marketing their products & services on Twitter platform and reaping the lucrative benefits. In case you have not created a brand profile for your business its high time for you to take part in the action of Twitter marketing.

However, simply creating a business profile on the platform is not enough. There are certain elements that your business profile needs to have in order to make the most impact on your targetted audience. Now the great news is that in this article we’re going to be  discussing the aspects that you can optimise for a powerful business profile on the Twitter platform,

Twitter Marketing

So without further adieu Let’s get started Tips to Optimize a Twitter Business or Brand Profile

1) Carefully tailor your Twitter Bio

Your Twitter bio is your one opportunity to impress Twitter’s internet searcher and the visits to your profile in 160 characters or less. Utilize overly pertinent watchwords and hashtags. 

While thinking about which hashtags to utilize know that the hashtags you use in your profile will be interactive and could likewise be an interruption from your profile. 

On the off chance that somebody clicks through the hashtag be careful, you are not driving them to your rivals on the off chance that you are utilizing an industry hashtag.

2. Pin a Tweet to Your Profile

On the off chance that your Twitter picture resembles a magazine spread, pin that tweet as your highlighted story. Pinning a Tweet on your business profile is a perfect way to showcase be able to content. 

Pin a Tweet to Your Profile

Make sure your pinned tweets include solid visuals, a reasonable source of inspiration, significant keywords, vital hashtags and links to your site or blogs in your website.

3. Add a Header Image

Your header picture should be like a magazine spread. Change it routinely and utilize the space to exhibit your image. You get 1500×1500 pixels, so there’s significantly more space to play with contrasted with your profile picture! 

Here are a couple of thoughts of what you include in your header picture: 

  1. Top-selling items 
  2. Team picture 
  3. Your store or office (if it looks impressive) 
  4.  Business events 

Whatever photographs you pick, make certain to improve all pictures by adding the picture record name with marked catchphrases to build your chances of being found in a picture search. This applies to your profile photograph as well.

4. Enable Your Twitter Inbox for Direct Messages

Every business owner should make their brand profile more approachable on Twitter. To do that you should optimise your accessibility, Switch the privacy off your direct messages.

How to do this you might ask?

Go to the Privacy and Safety section of your Twitter settings page.

Scroll down the page, and head into the direct message option, and check “Receive Direct Messages from anyone.”

5. Add a Location to Your Business Profile

In case, you are a local business, It’s best that you fill out the location part of your Twitter profile. Check QL Tech Twitter Profile. Using your location info Twitter’s algorithm can connect your content with other locally based audience.

6. Make Sure Your Tweets Are Publically viewable

This may appear glaringly evident, however, it should be stated that all your tweets are open. In the Privacy and Safety area inside your settings, ensure that the Tweet Privacy section is unchecked. 

All organizations and brands ought to have open tweets that are publicly viewable with the goal that they will get found.

7. Direct traffic to a Specific website Page 

Rather than sending all your incoming traffic to the traditional homepage, you think about directing them to specific pages that meet their interests or queries.

For instance, many of the audience are bloggers or journalists so it’s best to provide them with links to your blogs or business newsrooms.

Similarly, you can also provide them with links to your ebook downloads or subscription page. It all depends upon the kind of conversion your business is looking for. So In Social media marketing remember these steps to set up Twitter Business page.

8. Add a contextual Profile Image

Add a picture to your Twitter profile that defines your business in a nutshell. 

Organizations and brands should utilize a variant of their logo that is effectively unmistakable and delegate of your image. 

In the event that your logo has a great deal of content or doesn’t appear well in the little square for your profile picture, consider making an optional logo that will suit Twitter and other internet-based life profile pictures. 

Consider shading, picture size, and how it will look from a cell phone, too. 

And lastly…

Analysing what is important in Twitter is the most ideal approach to determine if your optimisation strategies are working for you. Benchmark your endeavours utilizing Twitter Analytics, Google Analytics, or tools, for example, Buffer, Hootsuite, or SproutSocial. 

In case you need more help in setting up or running your business profile on Twitter then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll try our best to help you out With Our Social Media Marketing Service in Perth


Know the difference between Graphic designs and illustrations

Nowadays, the majority of consumers prefer their content in the picturesque form, This emerging trend has opened up a whole new world of career opportunities such as graphic designing and illustration artistry.

As more and more aspirants plan on becoming a part of these lucrative industries, most of them tend to face confusion between graphic designing and illustration. In case you are facing similar kind of challenges then the good news is that in this article we are going to discuss how you can make crystal clear distinction between the two fields. 

While there are similarities between graphic designs and illustration, these two creative fields have their own sets techniques, mediums and objectives. Graphic designs tend to be focussed towards commercial goals while illustrations tend to follow a more artistic path.

Now let’s dig in deeper into these two Graphic designs and illustrations disciplines:

All about graphic designs

Graphic design as an art form and profession applies visual aesthetics for problem resolution as well as projecting of ideas using typography, imagery and a multitude of colourful shades. A graphic design relaying a message to the target audience as directed by the. Marketing and branding strategies.

The variety of graphic design is wide-ranging in both the print and digital horizons. Some of the few examples that are predominant in physical print works are Posters, fliers, business cards, packaging, billboards, and logos. Whereas the digital hemisphere is dominated by email marketing and web designs.

Graphic design

Every Graphic design often starts off with the establishment of visual identity that relays a business’s personality, story and emotion through logos, typography, images, and styles to ensure consistency in branding.

Marketing tactics are traditionally focused on printed medius, like flyers, magazine and newspaper ads. The Publication designers are mostly involved in producing layouts, hand-pick typography and curating artwork for long-form projects, like books, magazines and catalogues. 

The internet has offered digital channels through which the graphic designers can effectively showcase brand awareness. Which is great for enhancing the business’s reach. User interface and experience (UI/UX) designers are driven towards providing enriching & seamless interactions between users and a variety of apps, websites and games. Let’s not forget about the lucrative genre of motion graphics designs are mainly applied in online media, TV, GIFs, web banners and presentations.

Each and every Graphic designer has at least one design specialization most of the time. But due to the dynamic nature of the industry, they must be flexible. This field requirer constant up-gradation of skills along with consistent research on the latest art styles and techniques. Contact Best graphic design company in Perth.

All About illustrations!!

Illustrations provide a visual way to portray or define a written text. They help in elaborating an idea or relay a story. They also come in a myriad of forms that are either traditional and digital. So let’s talk about some of these forms:

Drawing in black-and-white shades is one of the most popular styles of illustration. Pencil drawings can give soft lines and sharp edges as effects. Drawings with ink beautifully showcase contrast, whereas charcoal drawings create dramatic shadows which is great while illustrating stories. There’s also a technique called Lithography, which revolves around drawing-meets-printmaking


Illustrative paintings using watercolour, gouache and acrylic evoke a general feeling of softness and femininity. Gouache paints due to their rich properties are often used by commercial artists in posters and comics. Etchings technique is also applied by artists who work with metallic illustrations.

Illustrations are commonly used in published media like magazines, books, posters, and brochures. They give unique freedom to artists to portray their art without words and communicate their ideas through powerful storytelling. The finer expressions on characters’ help illustrations portray deeper emotions as well as connections connection.


Both illustrative artistry and graphic designing are excellent fields for those with a creative mindset. However, you have to give it a good thought on which field would suit your artistic inclinations more.

We hope you found our take on graphic design vs illustration helpful. And if you require more clarification on these, simply drop us a line. We’ll get back to you in no time.