Best eCommerce tools to make your brand profitable

While it’s an undisputed fact that the 2020 pandemic has severely affected the global economy, there are certain industries that are booming. One of the most prominent lines of business is eCommerce.

People want to stay safely at home while shop to their heart’s content and what better to satisfy this need than eCommerce. This has got a lot of business owners to start considering shifting from brick & mortar shops to the online arena.

A prospective consumer base of 1.92 billion should be enough to start your preparations to become a part of this lucrative venture. However, with great opportunity comes tremendous competition and you need to ready yourself and do your research beforehand.

Powerful tools to boost your eCommerce business

Without the right eCommerce tools, your brand will be hardpressed in making a name in this competitive market. These tools will help manage all facets of your business and make realtime decisions. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular tools in the market.

  1. GrooveHQ

GrooveHQ eCommerce tool might be one of the most comprehensive platforms for managing your customer service and support requirements.

This is extremely important because the success of your business largely depends on your customers and therefore the quality of service you provide to them. you would like to be absolutely sure every customer features a support experience which will make them want to return for future purchases.


Customers mostly leave because they don’t feel appreciated or couldn’t speak to someone who could help them. Having this routine of rude and unhelpful behaviour among employees and being passed around to different representatives also are some common reasons for leaving.

On the opposite hand, 86% of consumers will still do business with a corporation if they need an emotional reference to its customer service agents. this suggests that companies that specialise in delivering an honest customer experience tend to be more profitable overall.

The GrooveHQ ticketing system makes it easier for you to deliver personalized service and support experiences to your customers. With easy ticket assignments, you’ll make sure that customers get support from agents that they need to be connected with within the past. you’ll also maintain your customer conversations in one place so anyone can keep track of past communications and supply support accordingly.

  1. ClickMeeting

Now you’re probably conscious of how popular webinars are for B2B companies and academic institutions, as they’re mostly used for distributing educational information. So you would possibly be wondering how they’re relevant for eCommerce merchants.

That’s exactly why you’ve got leverage over your competitors – webinars aren’t yet capitalised to their full extent within the eCommerce industry. For eCommerce merchants, webinars are often highly effective for showcasing hands-on product demonstrations.

You could demonstrate the way to use newly-launched products and highly technical products, also as the way to make the foremost of certain features. This way, internet buyers can get the subsequent effective thing to in-store product demonstrations. Webinars also are a superb channel to conduct product deep-dive sessions while adding a person’s touch to your communication.


The ClickMeeting platform allows you to make a customized webinar room with just a couple of clicks. you’ll engage the audience with polls and surveys, moderated Q&A sessions, and simultaneous chat translations. You can make the foremost of the webinar recording feature and repurpose clips from the session for your brand’s YouTube channel, otherwise, you can prefer to simulcast your webinars to YouTube and Facebook for max live video reach.

Once the session is over, you’ll get a summary of its performance using the attendee statistics. Here, you get a transparent idea of the number of audiences and where they’re from, also about the top devices they used. You’ll then be ready to use this information for creating improvements to future sessions and re-engagement campaigns.

  1. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is an effective internet site builder designed for ecommerce stores. But what makes it a must have the potential to manipulate more than one income channels on a unified dashboard. This gives scalability for ecommerce traders who want to begin adopting omni-channel retail.


These omni-channel clients have a tendency to spend greater than unmarried-channel customers. They spend 4% greater in-keep and 10% greater online, in comparison to customers who most effectively used one channel. In different words, you need to make the studies and buy approaches less complicated throughout each channel.

And that is where BigCommerce comes into  the picture. It’s a powerful eCommerce platform for syncing your stock with all of the channels you operate for direct income. BigCommerce helps local integrations with numerous key channels, consisting of Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Pinterest, or even the usage of the Square POS system.


Setting up an eCommerce shop might seem easy however there are many challenges in making your business successful. Which why need to use the tool for your brand. If you have any questions or you need some help in setting up your eCommerce shop, then simply drop us a line and we’ll get in touch with you in no time.