Google’s key announcements in 2022 so far

Google released quite a few updates and features in the year 2020 for over 1 billion users. Most of these updates are directed toward improving the user experience, security and privacy. In case you missed out on some of Google’s key announcements, here’s a quick summary for you.

Key highlights from Google in 2022

Android 13

Google wants to take the OEM customisation experience to the next level in Android 13. The users will be able to customise the looks of the UI with ready-made colour variants that can be applied throughout the OS and reflected in wallpapers and themes. 

As for multilingual users, the Android 13 will give a variety of options to select different languages for different apps through phone settings. 

Security and privacy update 

With the transformation to remote work and using devices outside of security, office networks have become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. To enable users to navigate online in a more secure manner Google is launching Account Safety Status for apps. 

If an account is not fully secure, a yellow alert icon will appear on the profile pic and recommend actions that the users can take to secure the app.

Latest pixel devices

As many of us expected, Google has announced a new mid-range smartphone Pixel 6A. It will be using Google’s Tensor chip and have a 6.1-inch OLED screen with a blazing 60Hz refresh rate. 

It also supports 5G and is equipped with dual cameras. Not only Google has also given a sneak into the design of Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones. 

Expanding search experience 

Google has announced that it is growing the scope of what users can do with the latest multi-search feature launched to help users search with images. Users can now search by taking a picture or screenshot of local businesses, retailers, and other goods and adding “near me” while exploring. 

Google is also putting together another feature called “scene exploration,” which will allow users to pan the camera in multi-search so that they can get more information on multiple objects in a scene.

We hope you found our summation of Google’s latest updates helpful and in case you have any questions, simply drop us a line and we’d love to help you out.


Why CRM is the perfect choice for Marketing Automation?

Marketing is more than attracting people, it’s about creating value within your brand so they can relate to your offerings and approach you themselves. This way you can create long-lasting relationships with your customer and get returning business from them.

Needless it used to require a lot of effort from cross-functional teams to implement optimum marketing strategies. However, with recent technological advancements, it’s possible to automate the majority of your marketing campaigns, and one of the bests tools for marketing automation is a customer relationship platform (CRM).

In this article, we are going to discuss how the CRM platform help in streamlining your business’s automated marketing endeavours, so without further ado let’s get started.

What is customer relationship management software?

CRM is a marketing automation software, designed to take care of all your major customer relations needs, and automate crucial elements within your business. It plays the role of an ideal secretary. It is constantly working for the betterment of your marketing strategies, marketing designs, customer feedback loops, and more.

Some of its major functions include historically tracking historical customer data, including dates and notes of phone conversations, past purchase records, and email interactions as they proceed through the buyer’s journey. Using tagging logic the CRM applies tags on the users when they take certain actions such as adding items to their wishlist or filling out a form and launches email campaigns to direct the leads back into your sales funnel.

Why CRM is the best choice for marketing automation?

The CRM has a wide range of benefits that elevate your automated marketing capabilities such as:

Reduces chances of Human Error

When businesses have an outdated system or process in place for lead tracking, the probability of human error that comes with managing the shortcomings increases which might lead to prospects slipping through the cracks. CRMs marketing automation enables your sales team to have the right tools to close a deal.

Unify Your Database Management

The CRM provides all the user’s information in one place, Marketing teams don’t have to go out of their way to forage customer profile information and instead are able to prepare to approach leads and prospects based on unified data management.

Provide Consistent Messaging

The marketing communication that affects the customer’s experience can be aligned when engaging with the client. It’s not as much of a challenge to provide consistent messaging when you have all the contextual information available in CRM.


The CRM is truly a wonderful platform fully capable of automating all your marketing endeavours. However, to unlock its full potential, you need support from professional digital marketers like QL Tech having over a decade of experience in CRM implementation and customisation.

In case you need help in CRM customisation or have any questions regarding CRMs, please feel free to book a free 30 minutes session with us and we’ll try our best to help you out


What is Salesforce? And 3 Reasons Why it is the Best CRM

Growing a business is not just about boosting sales or just selling your product. Or services to existing and prospective customers. A business venture is only successful if it has a well-defined process to efficiently gather leads. That can be converted to sales and finally into loyal customers. 

From our experience with various customer relationship management software. Salesforce comes out as one of the best CRM software offering everything a business needs to close sales blazing fast. 

In this article, we’re going to be delving deep into Salesforce. And tell you why it is amongst the best CRM software in the market.

About Salesforce CRM?

Organisations needed a cloud-based CRM that will take care of all of their customer’s concerns. From marketing and sales to customer service to streamlining operations and saving valuable resources and time. Salesforce was created with a vision to reinvent the Cloud CRM model. And usher in a new era of cloud computing.

What does Salesforce do?

Salesforce helps businesses run their operations efficiently and profitably by reducing the expense of managing the organizational infrastructure. Not only that, the CRM offers a wide range of features in all the functional areas of a company

  • In the Marketing Team

Salesforce professional edition enables the marketing team of a company to create and track marketing campaigns while measuring the success rate and automatically provide the leads to sales teams.

  • In Customer Service

Salesforce tracks various customer issues as per resolutions based on escalation rules such as the client’s priority and elapsed time. This help is elevating customer satisfaction levels as the issues do not fall through loopholes and always get escalated to the next level if left unresolved.

  • Salesforce in Management

​Equipped with visual dashboards and extensive reporting features, the CRM provides the management with real-time reporting and process visibility.

Reasons to use Salesforce

1) Covers entire customer lifecycle:

The CRM has been developed for marketing & sales reps to track the potential and customer lifecycle using tools like Sales Cloud for accessing sales activities, Service Cloud along with to anticipate and respond to customer needs, using Marketing Cloud and Pardot to design 1-o-1 customer journeys and drive sales, Analytics to derive customizable insights and gain a deeper understanding of your team’s performance, and so much more.

customer lifecycle

Salesforce has worked hard for the last 17 years to build their brand’s repute while successfully growing, retaining customers in terms of service and value, creating a unified sense amongst their customers and stakeholders, making Salesforce a brand to be reckoned with in the CRM market.

2) Automate everyday tasks

Closing a sale is never as easy as getting a customer to just agree to commit. Underneath the surface details of any sale, there are hundreds of minuscule tasks that need to be completed in order for everything to function the right way. Forms need to be filled out, reports to be sent, legal issues need addressing — these smaller tasks are a time-consuming yet crucial aspect of any sales process. 


Salesforce CRM system is designed to take the burden of most of these tasks off the shoulders of your employees with digital automation. In short, your reps will be able to focus the majority of their efforts towards closing leads and resolving customer issues, while the automated CRM system takes care of the minute details.

3) Improved analytical data and reporting

Miscalculated data analysis should never be the reason you cannot succeed. With Salesforce, this is no longer a possibility. The CRM systems store all the information in one place which leads to an improved and unified analysis of the data as a whole. Equipped with seamless integration with different tools or plugins. You have the capability of generating automatic reports to maximize your time. 

analytical data

You can personalize your dashboard views to quickly access the information needed. Such as client information, sales targets, and performance reports deriving limitless opportunities. With optimized reporting data, you can make resourceful. And impactful decisions to reap the rewards in terms of customer loyalty and long-run profitability.

Few last words:

All the above-mentioned factors make Salesforce a powerful CRM software to have for your business. However, you should also take your business requirement and customer’s persona into consideration while choosing a CRM.

Just in case you have any questions regarding CRM software or need any help in setting them up, please feel free to contact us anytime. We’d love to help you out.